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Anonymous said: Can you tell me what manga/artist inspired you to draw like this? I really love your style! It's amazing.

fff thank you very much!
The artists/manga i loved 6 years ago is different then what i like now but i was really into Reborn, Bleach, Kosuke that writes Gangsta, and i still love anything Takahashi Hiroshi…There’s other mangas i liked but i dont know if those have influenced my style.
I really want to go into a more realistic style tho. Sakamoto Shinichi is someone i respect as of late. 

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lol for the manga series Gangsta.

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ya its all over her twitter. Its announced there will be an anime, no date on when yet tho.

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Heard about the GANGSTA anime :V
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I don’t know where your sprouting from but thanks for the follows! ilu all lolAnd the cute pins i got from AX
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i made a twitter to dump my stupid thoughts on instead of here. Try n make tumblr mostly art

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Diana- Its actually not that complicated. If you name the layers correctly in ps then the program auto detects the parts. I didnt do anything and emofuri made him blink n stuff for me lol. The tedious part is that you have to adjust all your parts to look correct for each direction/movement. 

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Diana: Thanks, been trying to work in EmoFuri but having difficulties with hair lol

Boogie: Some program called emofuri lets u animate with psd files. Ive been trying to make it work for a bit but…heh. His shaved part? -_- i g2g back to ps and redraw layers lol;

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